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Al Holliday & The East Side Rhythm Band (USA)

Datum: zondag 18 december 2022 20:30 - 23:00

Liefhebbers van tijdloze soul en R&B als Dr John, Sly & The Family Stone en Leon Russell opgelet! In een paar jaar tijd heeft muzikale wervelwind Al Holliday zich omhoog weten te werken als een rasentertainer in de soul, R'n'B en bluesrock'n'roll-wereld.
Al Holliday and The East Side Rhythm Band komen uit St. Louis, en dat hoor je in alles terug - de Mississippi Soul stroomt door hun aderen. Al laat zijn strot graag brullen en dat zullen we weten ook!
Zijn rauwe stem doet veel mensen denken aan Randy Newman, Joe Cocker of Fats Domino.
Of, zoals de Riverfront Times het zegt:
"Listening to Al Holliday belt out his soul-revival tunes, you'd think he was a 65-year-old Motown renegade compelled to sing about hard times and funky women." Hit it, Al!



In a few short years, Al Holliday & The East Side Rhythm Band have built their reputation as the hard-hitting, world-class, force-of-Soul-and-R-&-B-nature beyond comparison.
People everywhere have done more than just take notice as this young-blooded crew has brought their searing, raw performances to stages from their hometown St. Louis, across the country, and beyond.

The band’s distinct brand of Soul music is a bit less “New York City” and much more “Mississippi River”.
Their sound combines the loose, funky feel of New Orleans R&B along with the visceral power and intensity of East St. Louis’ own Ike & Tina Turner – and they bring it all right to ya with truly inspired original numbers by an undeniable, natural born singer, Al Holliday.

“He sings with a depth and grit and twang not usually found in the metro area, and his comfort with Chicago blues, big-band soul and barrelhouse piano shows scholarship beyond his years. His voice is just growl-y enough that listeners may write it off as a pastiche of Randy Newman, or Joe Cocker, or Fats Domino, or some amalgam of all three. It may be, but Holliday owns it and uses it to sell these familiar-sounding tunes.”

“Holliday certainly has the capability to take this little slice of R&B and make it his own.”



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